IFPA - One For Everyone

India’s first platform created by the financial professionals for welfare and growth of financial professional fraternity

IFPA is a group created to help all members achieve excellence in business and grow in life by the virtue of training, support, business opportunities. IFPA intends to be an institution which any financial advisor desires to be a part for all matters pertaining to personal and business development


Our Mission

As an emerging market across domains India is poised to be a superpower in the next decade. Enable every financial advisor of India with knowledge, skills, systems so that they can acquire clients and provide them optimum levels of service at all times


Our Vision

Our financial advisors will play a key role in helping the citizens of our country to make rational financial decisions and therby contribute to strengthening the economy and secure their family’s future as well.


Our Success

Having mentored over one lakh advisors across the country in the past two decades , their growth and hunger to excel for providing unbiased advisory for financial matters and securing their customers financially provides us motivation to expand our horizons


How can one relate with IFPA

As a human nature one always intends to know the values which one can derive from every decision. A decision to join IFPA is relatable with

  • INNOVATION- In achieving success by providing services to others
  • FAITH- Ensuring your customers have developed in you
  • PERFECTION- Attained in all walks of life
  • APPRECIATION – To be earned from every person we serve

Our Board of Management


Deepak Joshi

A philanthropist by heart and inspiration by mind. Mr Joshi has ignited the souls of millions to serve others through his thoughts. Having pioneered the concept of professional training in the finance and insurance sector he is one of the few individuals in our country who are flagbearers of excellence in professional education.


Mukesh Joshi

A strategist who has mastered the art of motivating others and has played the role of mentor to perfection for financial advisors to excel in life. He is an inspiration for aspiring financial advisors fraternity and has dedicated himself towards enriching this domain of knowledge.

Our Team Members


Paras Jain

Another feather added in 2005 in the IOE group. Dynamic personality Mr. Paras Jain from Mumbai has also joined the IIOE group & became a very famous trainer. He has also addressed thousands of seminars & more than 550 various courses under the IOE banner.


Amol Sharma

Amol Sharma has entered IOE in the year 2006. Very senior & sincere LIC Agent from Mumbai. He was engaged full time with one of the production houses, who were making Marathi Serials & movies.


Hiren Trivedi

Mr. Hiren Trivedi is the Leader of the Indian Institute of Excellence & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. He is a keen Educator, Business Consultant, and a Successful Entrepreneur.


Hanumant Dhamal

Hanumant Dhamal is the Leader of the Indian Institute of Excellence & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. He has joined IOE in 2010 in Mumbai under Mukesh Joshi’s leadership.